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A double gable roof over the new dining and kitchen areas Kitchen and dining room area Extended kitchen area Kitchen, dining and external terrace Family dining area View from main entrance hall Extended dining and external terrace area View of extensions from garden

Private House Extension, Bromley, Kent

The clients contacted Abito Architects with an open brief to transform the rear areas of the ground floor and create a series of well lit areas for family use.

The alterations create an area for kitchen, family and formal dining that functions as one space, allowing the family members to be busy on separate activities, together. A new study is separated from the dining area by a glass door. The generous garden becomes an important part of the equation and in good weather, the sliding, folding doors open fully to provide easy access to the terrace and garden. The roof form provides rooflighting where it is needed and the projection protects the large glazed areas from excessive sunlight allowing the large doors to stay open during occasional showers.

Photos courtesy of Oliver’s London.

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We were impressed with Abito Architects throughout the project. They took time to understand what we wanted to achieve and presented us with ideas to meet our needs and more. The changes have transformed the house and the way we use it. It really works for us now.

Laura and Matthew Elder