Proposals have received Planning Approval for alterations to a large single storey property to create additional accommodation on the ground floor; and to raise the level of the existing roof to create habitable rooms within the roofspace.

The alterations involve a single storey extension to the rear of the property and the reconstruction of the roof over the main house, setting it approximately one metre higher than the existing roof. Glazing to the newly created first floor areas will be via glazing within the gable roof areas and by roof lighting. No dormer windows are proposed.

The application dwelling has natural slate tiled pitched roofs with gable ends; external walls have red, wire cut facing brickwork.

The existing building has a relatively wide footprint with a large roofspace, which is currently unused. The proposals raise the level of the existing roof to allow sufficient headroom for new bedrooms and associated accommodation. The existing roof shape and pitch will be replicated in the new proposals. The new roof geometry will also allow the existing garage roof to be linked more satisfactorily and become part of the main building composition.

Construction work is due to start in August 2019.